Fabulous Events

We have more FABULOUS events being planned right now ... !

Wednesday, January 3, 1:50 PM - Wednesday, February 28, 1:50 PM

...but never really have a chance to wear, more ways to meet other women like you to network or socialize, and more fun Girl's Night Out that help others!

Through our events, we have raised money for charities large and small, and even for individuals going through a health crisis. We all want to help others and donate money to causes we care about when we can, but ... let's be honest ... sometimes life can be expensive, and we can't really give as much as we'd like to. That's WHY Fabulous Shoe Night was created ... because it's when we come together that we can really make a difference.
Have a cause you'd like to support, or would you like to become a Chapter Leader in your area to raise money for causes close to your heart?
Send us an email at jennifer@fabulousshoenight.com ... we'd love to hear from you!

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